Tina sani Talks About Faiz and Iqbal


When it comes to the ghazal singing, no one can sing it better than Tina Sani. Over the years, the veteran singer tried hard to learn the art to sing the poetry and fell in love with the thoughts of Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Allama Iqbal in the process. Tina received her training for classical music by great Ustad Nizamuddin Khan. Along with him, ghazal maestro Mehdi Hasan too helped her in learning the art of ghazal singing.

Tina sani Talks About Faiz and Iqbal

During an event arranged for the celebration of World Poetry Day at Music, Acting and Dance, Tina said,”I always wondered if there is something I can sing for my country without feeling guilty about it. Then I stumbled upon Faiz’s writing, but could never meet him.”

Owing to her childhood in Kabul, Sani became fluent in Darri and Persian. At this point, singer Zoe Viccaji, who was present among the audience, asked Sani, “How did you end up understanding the Urdu expression when English was your thinking language?” Smiling before she answered Viccaji’s question, Sani said, “Since Urdu is a merger of so many languages, you never run out of words.”

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