Filmstar Noor Bukhari might file divorce against her husband


Season of breakups is going on its peak these days. Previously, Nadia Khan got separated from her husband and later  musician Annie Khalid got divorced. Another rumor is catching fire these days; pointing towards Lollywood actress Noor Bukhari, whose conflicts with her husband Mr. Awn Chaudhry  has increased to a noticeable extent. Remember it is the third marriage of the actress, and she has a baby girl from current husband.


When Noor was asked for a word about the matter, she didn’t responded. Her mother then came into the picture and told the media that their family is trying to convince actress but she is not ready to forgive her husband easily. The family sources didn’t tell the exact reason of the conflict but family members confirmed that some actions by Noor’s husband are making her irascible. Her mother added that Noor will file the divorce papers soon.

Noor’s first marriage stirred the controversy, when she married a hindu guy named Vikram, back in 2008, but later it was ended due to some unknown reasons. Her fight with Vikram was recorded on Nadia Khan‘s Morning Show in UAE. Just two years after her first divorce, Noor got married again with a renowned director and producer Farooq Mengal. Unfortunately her second marriage followed the foot steps of the first and didn’t work out as expected.


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