Jarar Malik Brings The Pop Music Back With New Track


Jarar Malik, an eminent newcomer in Pakistani music industry has something really excited for the pop music fans in the country. While many among Pakistani singers earn their livelihood from advertisements and some have struck fame in Bollywood, but Jarar has made way his way to revive the pop music culture. The new track of this US based singer was released last month, which brought back the feelings of the 80’s Pakistani pop rock in a contemporary fashion.

Jarar Malik Brings The Pop Music Back With New Track

The way Jarar moved on the track has clearly shown that the era of pop music in the country hasn’t ended yet, he said,”When composing and recording it, I was going for a nostalgic feel. Sometimes you just pick up the acoustic guitar, start strumming and humming and come up with a tune that just sounds right.”

Although Jarar has been composing the music for quite some time, but his career as a musician got a big push with Ufone Uth Records. Malik talked about this too and said,”Uth Records was a huge bonus. It’s good that a big company gets behind an initiative to showcase new talent in Pakistan. They have the machinery, the budgets, the contacts and the resources to bring someone unknown in front of an audience.”

Malik believes that only a few artists last in the music industry because they prove themselves with their music. “Single-hit culture exists since the beginning of pop music, it will not go away,” shared Malik. “If you don’t like their music, just ignore them. But artists last because they prove they have substance.”

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