Music can Calm Violent Society: Ustad Salamat Ali Khan


There is a unique relationship between peace and veterans. Just like Junoon had the idea of bringing safety and peace by reaching the nation’s soul by their music, old school singer Ustad Salamat Ali Khan shares the same opinion as well by considering music as possible solution to end disputes. During a recent interview with a correspondent for Jang and Geo News, the veteran and his better half focused on employing music as a cure for any violent society.

Due to his recent concert in Dallas, Texas, Ustad Salamat Ali Khan compares his countrymen and the Pakistani Americans and sadly admitted that the people longer trust each other. Salamat stresses upon the old school Sufis and their way of employing music and poetry to serve humanity.

“Saying truth has become a difficult task in our society. Truth telling is responded by violence. So, you can see yourself what is coming in future,” states Ustad Salamat Ali Khan. On top of all, the veteran sadly blames the Pakistanis for ruining the very concept of music; which – according to Salamat – is one of the reasons for the ever increasing terrorism in the country.

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