Mustafa Zahid Talks About His Track Featured In Murder 3


Pakistani singing talent has established its status in India with singers like Mustafa Zahid attaining a lot of fame. The lead vocalist of Roxen band isn’t new to the Bollywood. The singer had previously worked on such songs as AwaarapanToh phir aoTere mera rishtaKhuda kay liye and others. Now Mahesh Bhatt‘s newly released film Murder 3 also featured track by Mustafa, which was originally a break up song, as disclosed by the singer himself.

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Mustafa wrote the song for someone special in his life, as he quoted,”The story of the song is not something that I planned. So then I could not complete it. Since Vishesh was a very good friend of mine, he heard it during one of our private gatherings. I had picked up the guitar and he loved it. But I told him that I don’t want to complete the song because I don’t want to go back into that phase of my life again.”

However, luckily for the soulful singer, the song, which is on Sony Music, did not pull him back into his past- as Mustafa said,”The best part about the song was that I did not go back to that phase. It was initially a break-up song, but it turned into a move-on song. So from Kaise Jiye it became Hum Jee Lenge.

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