“Music Latte” Ready To Take The Stage


First Coca Cola then Nescafe and now the recent enumeration to the list comes in the form of Levi’s, advertised as one of the most iconic brand-Youth are interested into. The corporation have collaborated with Walnut Studio to present a ‘Music latte’, which will be a novel idea and also one of its very own kind of a show in Pakistan’s history. The corporate brand’s involvement in the music industry has resulted in the grooming of beginners. The whole of the event will be recorded live, using high definition audio capturing tools.

Music Latte Ready To Take The Stage

The new generation of musicians are provided a platform to express their talent, but it just not ends up here, this virtual gig will be streamed live on Facebook, as soon as it happens. The event is going to take place at the Levi’s flagship store in Lahore on this Sunday, 17th of February in front of a selected audience. As the press release of Music Latte states,”its basic challenge is to set up a platform for the under appreciated musical talent in Pakistan, and provide them with a chance to prove them on a global scale and gain international recognition in a way that has never been done in Pakistan before.”

Walnut Studios will also be releasing online music videos of the artists after his performance. Earlier they have already released 32 tracks & videos, which garnered over 1 million local and global views. The event will be opened by Abdullah Qureshi, who will be jamming live with various musicians. He will be collaborating with band SYMT also. Some of the leading names in upcoming talent, such as Taha and Rohan, Zahid Ummar, Gibran Saeed, Kanza and College Road will also be playing at the gig.

Live video for mobile from Ustream

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