Love Making Scenes Are Not A Big Deal, Says Sara Loren


Lavishing Pakistani actress Sara Loren(formerly known as Mona Lisa) – who has branded herself for Bollywood – has once again come into the spotlight. Recently Sara’s film Murder 3 was released all over the country, Which shows Sara in love making scenes with Randeep Hooda. It was expected that being a Muslim, Sara will not agree upon such love making scenes, but the reality was against expectation.

Sara loren

When Sara was asked about the matter, she said,”Bollywood is more open when it comes to showcasing sensuality and lovemaking scenes, as compared to the film industry in her homeland. People are liberal and here you can work the way you want to. I think I am bold and I like the scenes in ‘Murder 3′… you are doing a role at the end of the day. On the other hand, Pakistan has a different culture.”

“I am not hurting anyone. I am just doing films. It’s not that now I will do only sensuous films. If there is a good film and the character has one or two scenes like this, I will do it. It just so happened I never planned to come into Bollywood. But yes, I love Bollywood, like all girls! One thing is for sure that I get attracted to sensuous and romantic scenes. I really like those scenes,” She continued.



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