Anwar Maqsood to perform Aangan Terrha on stage


Anwar Maqsood Hamedi, the only versatile actor who remained attached to the Pakistani drama industry for such a long time is geared up to start the sequel of his miniseries “Aangan Terrha”. The series still lives in the minds of its viewers and will starts from 8th February.

Anwar Maqsood To Perform Aangan Terrha on Stage

“The story revolves around the life of an honest civil servant who lives in a quarter and strictly manages in his meagre income/pension,” he narrates. “I think we all can survive in our meagre incomes if we don’t open the door to our whims and material desires,” he adds. Talking about the social and political situation in the country, Maqsood said,”Aangan 1983 mein bhi Terrha tha or 2013 mae bhi tera hai (means that the situation was unfavourable in 1983, and it still is, in 2013).”

Maqsood continued by having a word about the cast and crew,”I could have easily taken the original cast and they would have loved to perform it. Per unka aangan seedha ho chuka hai. Nayi nasal ka aangan terrha hai,” he quoted.”When we founded KopyKat Productions, I used to tell my friends that I will do Aangan Terrha on stage, but no one took me seriously,” said Anwar. “Today, it feels like my dream has come true because Aangan Terrha was the reason why we started doing theatre.”

The tickets of the play will be available at Karachi Arts council, and the show will be performed at 8:30pm for 90 days.

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