Shehzad Roy – Chal Parha (MusicVideo/Mp3/Lyrics)


Shehzad roy Chal ParhaArtist: Shehzad Roy
Song: Chal Parha
Composer: Shani
Music: Shani & Kami
Lyrics: Nadeem Asad
Production Manager: Ali Shan
DOP: Kashif (KT)
Video Director: Saqib Khan
Show Director: Cyrus Viccaji

Shehzad Roy releases music video Chal Parha for his upcoming show Chal Parha will be aired soon on Geo Tv.

[box color=”gray” icon=”information”] Those who were wondering who the little girl featured in music video was? Her name is Summaya and she loves to sing songs and seeing her passion Shehzad invited her to Karachi in his studios. Summaya along with her father, (to whom Shehzad thought as a religious man) came to Karachi to record the soundtrack “Chal Parha”. Chal Parha is a new TV show by Shehzad Roy after the documentary “Wasu aur Mein”.[/box]

“Chal Parha” will be starting from February 8th, on every Friday & Saturday at 7:30 pm on GEO news.


Download Audio (New & Fixed)!

Watch music video below:



Yahan Wahan Idhar Udhar Phirte Rahen Apni Manzil Se Durr

Jahan Jahan Nazar Pare Kaliyaan Dikhen Khilne Se Hain Majboor


Ek Pal Me Kayee Sadiyaan Hain Zindagi Me Kayee Khushiyaan Hain

In Khushiyon Ko Phir Dhundne

Chal Parra….

Chal Parra In Khushiyon Ko Dhundne

Chal Parra…..

Chal Parra Bikhri Kaliyon ko Dhundne


Chal Parra In Sadiyon Ko Khushiyon Ko Kaliyon Ko Jorrne

Chal Parra In Raahiyon Se Raaston Se Manzilon Ko Jorrne


Pair Ho Par Saaya Na Ho Din Ho Per Ujaala Na Ho

Esa Mumkin Nahi

Per ye Anhoni  Jo Baat Hai Mere Des K Saath hai

Phle Apna Sabaq yaad kar..

Phir Parrha…..

Chal Parrha…..

Chal Parrha Tareekhi Se Azaad kar

Chal Parrha…..

Chal Parrha Dil Khushiyon Se Abaad kar …

Chal Parrha…….

In Sadiyon Ko Khushiyon Ko Kaliyon Ko Thaam Le

Chal Parrha….

In Raahiyon Ko Raaston Ko Manzilon Ko Thaam Le

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