Bali Desi Rapper feat Jawad – Yeh Dard (Music Video/Mp3 Download)


Artist: Bali Desi Rapper
Song: Yeh Dard

Artist Biography:

Bali Desi Rapper – aka Hasnain Brohi, moved to the US from Karachi, Pakistan at an early age. Dedicated and driven by his passion for music, Bali fell in love with hip hop music and has been one of the leading advocates for Urdu hiphop. Few artists possess the skills and unwavering dedication to their craft and Bali has proven consistently that he is the one to beat. Bali has a fan base which has seen explosive growth from Houston, TX to the Indian subcontinent.

Urdu hiphop is on the rise and on pace to become one of the leading mediums in modern South Asian music. Bali teamed up with Jawad for “YEH DARD” for his debut single. Bali understands the social injustice and the dilemmas facing the youth in Pakistan and India and aims to elevate their condition by bringing awareness to these issues through his music. “YEH DARD” represents the next generation of Urdu Hip Hop with a focus on lyrics which deliver a social message.

The song speaks about the struggles of a tormented soul and the challenges each of one of us face as we attempt to right our wrongs. Life is a choice, make the right one. Written by FawadHasanand Bali, produced by Shumal – YehDard is one of the 4 videos from Unmonde Music’s debut album Two Sides Collide.

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