Sur Kshetra Grand Finale Winner Name is Nabeel Shaukat Ali


Pakistan and India both have fought many raging battles, sometimes with bat & ball in the cricket field, sometimes with a stick toying the ball on a hockey surface. But one other battle was more challenging as well as demanding, and was named as Sur Kshetra. From years, versatile musicians have fought for the ultimate pride but Sur Kshetra formed a platform which allowed the beginners of this art to find a place in the vast music industry of Subcontinent. The Battle came to an end on 20th december, after the Grand finale of the show.

Sur Kshetra Grand Finale Winner Name is Nabeel Shaukat Ali

After the breath taking duel between the two teams for more then 12 weeks, one team had to be declared as winner in the competition and the team which was turned out to be the winner was Pakistani. The two last contestants of the teams were Nabeel Shaukat Ali form Lahore and  Diljaan from Jalandhar. After 3 hours of power packed performances form both the teams, the battle of supremacy was ended as Nabeel Shaukat Ali crowned as the winner.

Boney Kapoor, the producer of the show said that the last episode of his music reality show will be more exciting than an Indo-Pak cricket match,”Whoever wins in the season finale will be hero not just in their own country but in the entire region of South East Asia,” he added.

Captain of Pakistani team, Atif Aslam said, “I have learnt so much from my students … and I had a great time performing with some of the biggest legends in the music industry.”

Abida Parveen, Pakistani sufi singer expressed her views about the show and said,”The concept of the show is so unique that it can boost affection between two countries. That’s a great feat.”


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