‘Ishq Samandar’ by Shiraz Uppal [REVIEW]


It has been quite a while since the Pakistani music industry last heard from Shiraz Uppal – the man with majestic and captivating vocals. In the February of this year, the singer left his dedicated fans in a stage of shock and heart broken when he decided to leave the music biz for the sake of Islam as he stated, “There is only one success — to be able to spend your life in the way your creator wants it to be spent” – a step many of the leading music pioneers of the country has taken.

The hottest buzz surrounding the incredibly talented artist is that his new song ‘Ishq samandar’ has been released which, like many of his previous songs, has once again managed to turn out to be a fine example of how Sheraz Uppal captivates the attention of the listeners due to its melodic tone, soothing voice and most importantly: the sense of ups and downs of the vocals in the song; something which most of the rookies and veterans in the Pakistani music industry still fail at.

Sheraz Uppal claims on his official Facebook page that the song was actually composed two years ago but an unfortunate circumstance took place as it got stolen and used for channel TV One’s drama serial ‘Ishq Samandar’. Whatever the case may be, it cannot be denied that the singer always managed to maintain a healthy fan following in his tenure as a musician and the fans should consider themselves lucky as not many artists release tracks after their retirement despite handsome offers and desperately being missed. Thank you, Mr Sheraz Uppal, truly a pioneer of the Pakistani music industry indeed.

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