EP Releasing Music Video for ‘Ajab Tamasha’


Entity Paradigm – EP for short – has been known as the leading pioneer of Pakistani rock music for quite some time now. The band had many ups and downs concerning the arrivals and departure of various band members over the years but has still managed to cement their reputation as being the best live act when it comes to commercial rock.

The band decided to call it a day in 2005 but remained closed since they never broke up due to creative differences. After four long years of missing the good old fashion rock the band was able to generate, five – including the head banging Fawad Afzal Khan and the rhythmic Ahmed Ali Butt – out of eight original band members came back to take back what was their – the title of the best rock band in Pakistan.

After releasing the music video for ‘Shor Macha’, the band faced another critical time as lead vocalist Fawad and backbone of the band, drummer Waqar left; thus leaving the fans stunned and thinking about the fate of the band. However, that was not the end of the road as the rest of the members soon announced that they were working for another music video.

Now, the band has confirmed that their next music video will be released on the 1st of December. The song is titled ‘Ajab Tamasha’ and will truly show how well the band can be at their weakest point since the vital members have left.

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