Breaking Dawn Part 2 Hitting Cinepax


Vampires and other fantasy creatures have always amused the Pakistani audience and that is exactly where the Twilight Saga comes. The story of a young girl involved in a love triangle with a vampire and a werewolf has amazingly impressed not only the typical teenage female audience but also few from the male audience as well. On the 26th of November, the final part of the series, Breaking Dawn Part 2 will hit Cinepax theaters.

Based on the novel penned down by Stephenie Meyer, the plot revolves around a young girl named Bella Swan – Bella Cullen for the diehard fans – and her life that takes numerous twists and turns. Who would not if you have a vampire and a werewolf breathing down your neck just to prove their love to you? However, for Bella, the tale just turned from romantic to a horror one when both the clans start a war against each other.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 is a perfect ending for the series and the very one in which Bella and Edward have their very first child, a daughter named Renesmee. With high expectations, Breaking Dawn 2 will indeed become one of the most popular fantasy films.

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