Pakistani Cable Operators Block Local Entertainment TV Channels


    Pakistani Cable Operators have blocked all local entertainment TV channels of Pakistan, to demand the Indian Channels back on their network.

    Pakistani Cable operators Block entertainment Channels of Pakistan

    Pakistani Entertainment Channels like Geo Entertainment, Express Entertainment, Hum TV, Play TV and many other similar channels have been blocked by the cable operators through out the country. The blockage is due to the protest against the ban on Indian Channels. For our readers’ information, Indian Channels are banned in Pakistan as per the directives by Supreme Court.

    Ban on Indian Channels support Pakistani TV Industry

    Since the ban on Indian TV Channels, Pakistani entertainment and TV Industry has grown exponentially. Now, there are a handful number of Pakistani entertainment channels who are producing localized content. Drama Industry is also standing on its feet and so much competition can be seen in this niche too.

    It is worth noticing here that Pakistani viewers, who were once addicted to Indian drama soaps, have now again accepted Pakistani Dramas as they are more realistic and captivating. No strong opposition was seen by Pakistani TV Viewers when the Indian channels were first banned. It is still unclear what the cable operators would achieve by getting Indian Channels back on the network.

    Just an hour ago, an Official of Pakistan Broadcasting Association (PBA) confirmed Geo News that entertainment channels are banned by Cable Operators. He was reported as saying that some Cable Operators have political motives too.

    Whatever the motives of Cable operators are, millions of TV viewers are deprived of quality entertainment channels and now they are again at the mercy of sensational news channels.

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