“Ishq-e-Mamnoo” Popularity leads to Soundtrack


Channel Urdu 1’s brightest pearl ‘Ishq-e-Mamnoo’ – an Urdu dubbed version of Turkish serial, Forbidden Love – has become the next big thing on Pakistani television. Though the channel was expecting the very for ‘Isabel’ but it was ‘Ishq-e-Manoo’ that scored all the attention.

As the popularity of the Urdu dubbed drama increased, so did its title track sung by Khurram Jamshed aka KJ. Having a long time spent in the Pakistani entertainment business, KJ has finally achieved the spotlight he desired and deserved for so long. “For years I have been promoting other people and for the first time I am getting to do something solo and live,” states the proud KJ.

The admiration of the title track has forced many promoters to request the singer to record a full version of the title track with a music video. KJ is not alone in this project as he is accompanied by the pianist from pop band Fuzön, Imran Momina aka Emu. The duo is currently working on the project and as Emu describes, the romantic song has a “mellow feel to it.” Not only that, he also states, “But it was about forbidden love so I added a bit of a qawali to it which really worked out in our favour.”

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