Ali Azmat in Coke Studio 6


Ali Azmat in Coke Studio Season 6As reported earlier today, Coke Studio 6 recordings will be starting next week, the new season will also have the Rockstar Ali Azmat in it.

In a tweet Ali Azmat revealed the big news, he is gonna go to Korangi Karachi on 16th November 2012 for the demo recordings of Coke Studio 6. The most experienced and ex-lead vocalist of Pakistan’s famous Junoon Band will be recording songs in the new installment of Coke Studio.

This doesn’t mean that we will be watching Coke Studio’s new episodes in a month or two. For those who don’t actually know, Coke Studio is a seasonal program that gets air for two months during the summer season of the year. But for the episodes of those two months, the team behind Coke Studio work for several months.

Coke Studio Cycle

The Coke Studio demo recordings start at the end of the year i.e November or December usually. During this period, various artists are invited to the studio. They get the demos to play, sing  in the state of the art most professional studios of Coke. Not all invited musicians make it to the final artists line up.

Once the demo compositions of all artists work out fine, which takes a couple of months and stretches the date up to February and March, the songs are then recorded in full and then in the month of March or April , the artists are invited back again to record their music videos. Recorded performances then go for post production and then after a month of progress, the first episode of Coke Studio airs in the start or at the end of May. Coke Studio episodes used to stretched up till 14th August but from last 2 years, the season finishes before August due to the Islamic month of Ramadan.

Coke Studio is NOT COMPLETELY LIVE MUSIC SHOW as most people say or believe. The songs are recorded way before the music videos of it get shot. So what we see on TV is not something broadcasting live from some Studio.

Getting back on the topic, Ali Azmat is making his second appearance in Coke Studio. Earlier Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam, Bilal Khan, Zeb and Haniya have been featured twice in the Coke Studio Seasons. Sanam Marvi is the only singer who is being continuously featured in CS from last 3 seasons.

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