Ali Gul Pir talks about US Tour and New Music Video


Ali Gul Pir talk about US tour and new music videoWaderai Ka Beta” fame Ali Gul Pir recently told Express Tribune about his upcoming projects which include a Music Video and an International tour.

When Ali Gul Pir was asked about his music video, he quipped, “The next video is something that every citizen of our country has encountered at some point but not everyone speaks about it or makes a song on it. And most importantly it doesn’t feature the Orange Hummer.”

Now, Our very own Saeen is also ready for his first United States Tour. The interesting thing about Ali Gul Pir US tour is that this tour has been completely funded by US State department. About the Center Stage tour, he said “I am really excited and hope to make Pakistan proud as I am the first Pakistani comedian to be invited by the US government to perform in several cities”.

The recent ban on YouTube is making it hard for musicians and record labels to release their music videos online. When Express Tribune asked Ali Gul Pir about his response, he said, “Yes, the ban hurts me. But when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade — therefore I’m trying my best to make some lemonade and work around the ban in order to continue doing my work.”

Pir also explained his goals and the satisfaction he gets by making people laugh “My listeners are escapists — I want to make them forget their troubles. I love it when I make people laugh, specifically the elderly because their laughs are so much more genuine and heartwarming.”

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