Indian Music should be eliminated from local Pakistani TV channels, says Front Man of Saturn The Band


Rocking the Pakistani Underground Music scene with his band Saturn and then ultimately reaching the mainstream circle, Shahbaz Zaidi is one of those few Pakistani musicians who are not afraid to hide rock and roll roots and being proud of it. Shahbaz Zaidi, along with his brother Salman Zaidi, is the lead vocalist of the progressive rock band from Islamabad, Saturn. During a recent interview with The News Tribe, he said that his biggest wish is to be remembered as a true artist and to be known for and from his music.

As an artist, he defines himself passionate, open to challenges and dedicated. During his time of rocking the underground scene and the eventual rise to stardom, the vocalist got the opportunity to work with various big names from the desi rock music scene such as Qayaas, Sarmad Ghafoor and Entity Paradigm’s Waqar Khan.

Shahbaz compares the current music trends with those of six years ago and feels that Indian music should be eliminated from local Pakistani television channels as they make us who we are. The rockstar stresses on our ambition for a particular desire and states,“if you want to achieve something you’ve got to earn it.”

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