Adnan Sami Pursuing RBI to Purchase a Flat in India


Adnan Sami Khan certainly needs no introduction; the big guy has been playing the game for 22 long years and has accomplished way too much to be known as nothing short of a legend. For the sake of his current residential situation, let’s take a stroll down the memory lane and talk about the gifted singer. Adnan Sami Khan is a British-born Pakistani Canadian singer. Three counties there but the one he desires to reside in is India.

Recently, the singer requested the Delhi High Court for a permit by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in order to purchase a flat in the country in which he has been for 13 long years. Unfortunately, things will not go so easy for the veteran as some laws and regulations of India stop him from buying any sort of property.

Adnan Sami is interested in buying a flat in DLF Capital Greens but RBI demands permission from foreign citizens and same is the case with Adnan; despite the fact that the singer has been living in the country for 13 years and has even sang the World Cup Cricket Song for the country’s team.

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