Comedian Lehri Passes Away


The year 2012 can be indeed described as a tragic one because not only the greatest Pakistani ghazal singer Mehdi Hassan died, but also one of the greatest comedy actors the country has ever seen suffered the same fate too. That’s right, Safirullah Sidiqui, better known as ‘Lehri’, has unfortunately passed away today leaving a legacy worth a treasure behind.

After a prolonged illness and being a regular in a private hospital in Karachi, the actor breathed his last on the 13th of September 2012 at 9 AM in the very same city. Throughout his career, he received a lot of recognition for what he is best at – comedy – and received many honors; most notably being awarded the Nigar Award for amazingly twelve times.

Starting his journey from 1956, Lehri took the Pakistanis by storm mainly due to his comedy work which spanned for 30 years. Most of his films were of the Urdu language, but he also acted in few Punjabi films too. Deceased Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto granted him a monthly stipend of Rs 2500 that began from her first tenure and continued till his death. Family members have stated that their loved one will be buried in Yasim Abad graveyard. May his soul get the rest that he did not have in his last years.

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