Sanam Marvi and Amir Azhar Join Forces


“When I was in India for a tour, these words kept spinning in my head ‘Sacha Naam Rab Da’. I capitalized on my spiritual mood and recorded everything that came in my head in my mobile phone,” says Amir Azhar while believing that his time to shine in the pakistani music industry has finally arrived. After spending time with big names of Pakistan such as Ali Zafar and Mekaal Hassan, Amir was destined to do the same and now – with the help of folk and sufi singer Sanam Marvi – Amir Azhar has burst into the music scene with his new single titled, ‘Sacha Naam Rab Da’.

“It relates to us as human beings and promotes the idea that to tell the truth you must have a pure heart,” says Amir regarding the concept of the song. As a team, the duo has come up with a song that you simply cannot resist listening to if you have a taste of pure sufi music in your blood.

The song has a touch of Mekaal Hassan Band as a flute – a pretty good one – is being played throughout most of the song; something most of the Pakistani music industry veterans still do not do for their projects and compositions. The music video of the song is a vital product of Trim Studio and was directed by Adeel PK.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]qPunUWLGgZk[/youtube]

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