Filmstar Bindiya to look for her Husband on a Morning TV Show.


After making her landmark more than once during her long career in the 1980s and the early 1990s, the bold actress Bindiya decided to call it a day and settled once and for all. However, with the passion of show business running through her blood thick and thin, the actress decided to tie her laces again and get back to the field where she belongs.

After being gone from the big screen, the anxiousness and questions regarding her whereabouts circulated throughout the entertainment business of the country and among its fans. After a long time of fourteen years, Bindiya is back with only one thing on her mind: Her better half.

That’s right! Thanks to the platform provided to her by Aplus Entertainment’s morning show ’Subh Ki Fiza’ – hosted by Fiza Ali – Bindiya will attempt search for the lucky man worthy of being her next husband. It is to be recalled that the actress was married twice earlier. Her very first marriage was to a Pilot from Jordan and the second one was to a man belonging to the United States of America. With the role of media to spice things up, let’s hope Bindiya can make the right choice this time. After all, third time is a charm.

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