Sanam Marvi, a Pioneer of Sufi Music


“My goal is to spread the message of Islam and truth,” states the enthusiastic Sanam Marvi and she’s proud of it. The multi-talented vocalist has seen it all and done it all. From Coke Studio to soundtracks of Bollywood films such as ‘London Paris New York’ and ‘The Dirty Picture’, Sanam Marvi has also tured in Morocco and france to spread the message by means of the Sufi art and aims to do the same in the United States of America as well.

Considering the fact that her father was a Sufi singer too, it is clear where the bright Sanam got her roots from. “I think the most important thing is spreading the Sufi kalam,” says the dedicated Sanam. She further adds, “That is my focus – spreading the kalam to all corners of the world wherever my voice leads me.”

Recently, she – along with the band Symt – sung the addictive song ‘Koi Labda’ for Coke studio with the aim of her music being adaptable for all generations. Regarding the track, she states, “Modern music is how younger audiences will connect with the Sufi kalam. My son who is quite young is already singing ‘Koi Labda’, and that’s what this is all about – having music for all ages.”

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