Mustafa Zahid may join CALL Band as Guest Vocalist

Mustufa Zahid as guest vocalist of Call Band
Photo via PMR

Rumor has it that Top Pakistani Rock Band CALL has been in talks with the front man and lead vocalist of Roxen , Mustafa Zahid, to take charge as a guest vocalist in CALL The Band.

As many know already CALL`s lead guitarist, vocalist, composer and producer Xulfi was also the producer for ROXEN`s debut album and share a great friendship with the band over the years.

It has been said that Mustafa has been placed an offer to be part of CALL since the ex-vocalist Junaid Khan has ventured into acting now. One thing is for sure that if it happens then we are in for a great rock n roll feast.

Update 18 October 2012 11:48 PM : Mustufa Zahid performed as Lead Vocalist in Call Band’s Show

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