Faakhir’s new song Kuttay Bhi Tum Say Achay Hain (Audio)



Song Title: “Kuttay” –

Artist: Faakhir

Written/Composed & Sung by Faakhir
Back Vocals & Voice Over by Nauman Shafi
Guitars by Yasir & Sameer
Programming by Farrukh Sheikh


Info: They say “Every dog has a day”, but it’s turned out to be quite in contrary for those who have barked, bit & behaved like dogs in our beautiful country and in the process have mercilessly ruined the country, flouted the law to no end & have become part of mafias that have participated in systematic destruction of our institutions with their personal vested interests reigning supreme!

Their apathy & insensitivity towards the patriotic & poor people of this country is nothing less than a crime! These people are are from all walks of life and actually “Dogs” are better than them!

Here’s presenting a new song called “Kuttay Bhi Tum Say Achay Hain”, that reflects my mood towards these criminals of our country! This song is not aimed at anyone in particular. The list of (evil) people who “Inspired” me to write & produce this song remains classified! However you are welcome to imagine any one who in your opinion is a criminal of this country while you enjoy the track. I invite all of you to make video for this song using the images, clips, pictures, graphics or any other visuals that in your opinion should be associated with this song.

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