Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is “The Most Favorite Singer Of Pakistan”


Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, who is known for his remarkable singing which is mixture of both classical and modern music has now topped as the Most Favorite Singer Of Pakistan. Rahat’s music is immensely popular in both youth and aged listeners.

According to Gilani Research Foundation Survey conducted by Gallup Pakistan, the fact was revealed that Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has the most adorable vocals among all the other contestants. The survey was carried out across the four provinces of Pakistan, in which sample of people were asked, “Out of all the contemporary male singers, which one do you like the most? (Please chose only one option)”.

Rahat tops at 12% as the most favorite male voice in Pakistan. Atif Aslam at 7% and Abrar ul Haq at 6% made the top three. For rest of singer, Jawad Ahmed got 5% votes and 5% for Ali Zafar, 4% say Sonu Nigam is their favorite, 3% for Shaman Ali, 2% for Shahzad Roy, 2% for Mehdi Hassan and 2% for Raheem Shah while 39% mention others as their favorite male singers. However, 7% say that no one is their favorite and 6% did not give a view.

Rahat’s hold on international projects which mostly includes Bollywood has definitely helped him to top all his rivals in the list.

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