Maya Khan Again Got Herself listed in a Controversy


Maya Khan, a controversial TV host is now facing another controversy. A Hindu Boy’s conversion to Islam on live TV( in Ramadan special transmission hosted by Maya Khan) has ignited criticism on behalf of religious minorities in the overwhelmingly Muslim country.

20 years old Sunil, in just 5 minutes, changed his religion to Islam under a Cleric’s supervision. Maya’s packed studio then shouted to suggest a Muslim name for their newly converted Muslim brother. Muhammad Abdullah was chosen the new name then from the suggestions by a consensus. Abdullah insisted on Friday that he had been willing to convert.

The conversion from Hinduism to Islam on live TV has been criticized by different minorities spokesman for showing an increased lack of tolerance towards religious minorities. On the other hand, M. Abdullah who embraced Islam said in a clear statement,“I have accepted Islam by my own will and my family has no objection”.

The Dawn News reported on Friday,“The joy with which the conversion was greeted and the congratulations that followed, sent a clear signal that other religions don’t enjoy the same status in Pakistan as Islam does”

Leader of Pakistan Hindu council, Ramesh Kumar said in a statement that Wednesday’s program would encourage intolerance. On the other hand Talat Hussain, a top listed Anchor person of political Talk shows, also warned against turning religion into mass entertainment.

Watch the video below:

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]0VzDwy49pNU[/youtube]

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