Zeba Bakhtiar To Start her Production Career After 19 years


Prettiest among all the Pakistani actresses, this phrase can completely define Zeba Bakhtiar. The latest from her side is, she has now decided to produce a movie. For this purpose she has contacted a renowned Pakistani producer Shoaib Mansoor, who had produced two of the most wildly appreciated movies in Pakistani cinema history; Khuda kay Liye and Bol.

Zeba is now starting her production career after long 19 years. Previously, she had produced a film titled as Baboo, which resulted into a failure. Because of Shoaib’s super hit films, Zeba has decided to work with him, as this time she is keen to prove herself as a successful producer.

The senior Pakistani actress  has also worked in a Bollywood movie. Her movie “Henna“,which was produced back in 1991, was a super hit of its time . It was produced by Raj Kapoor and was directed by Randhir Kapoor. Zeba also gave excellent performances in movies such as Mohabbat Ki Arzoo (1994), Stuntman (1994), Jai Vikraanta (1995), Muqadama (1996), Chief Sahib (1996), Qaid (1996) and Babu (2001).

According to some reports, she will be starting her project (which is still untitled) after Eid. She would be playing a lead role in her movie and has also decided to sign an Indian actress.

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