Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan Announces His New Cloud Based Album


Former leading vocalist of a popular Pakistani band “Fuzon”, Shafqat Amant Ali Khan, who has gained so much popularity not only in Pakistan but also across the border has announced that he will be releasing his new album very soon.

Shafqat said that the new music album is yet to be titled and it will represent the shades and phases of his personality in the form of music. The Upcoming album will be cloud based as there will be no more CD’s this time, as the demand for music in the modern market is for digital. While sharing the details, Shafqat added he is frustrated with the issue of CD piracy.

“One cannot explain the issue of piracy. Why someone illegally uploads or downloads an album is beyond me. It`s been really damaging to the industry. In Pakistan, the Government is clearly not focused on the issue of piracy. Record labels really aren`t offering much either,” Shafqat said in an interview.

In the description of the album, Shafqat said that some of the songs were composed when he was in Government college and was struggling to be an artist, while the rest of the songs are based on his recent experiences. The 47 years old has also planned some more releases in the near future. For example, his recordings for “Coke Studio” in Amritsar (completed 4 years back) are now being released. Even at the age of 47  he has got so much charm left in him, and his voice is still  breath taking for millions. We wish him very best of luck for his upcoming music album.

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