Ali Aftab and Ali Gul Pir; Hosted Indo-Pak Summit


Pakistani people’s craze for Sayeen Ali Gul pir is touching the limits now a days, as people wanted to see him in every possible corner; which includes TV, Internet and definitely in a live event. Seeing him live is surely a treat.

Indo-Pak social media summit held in Karachi which gathered a large number of  Bloggers and Tweeters from both the countries. The event started with a bang, as two young internet celebrities; Ali  Gul Pir (singer of “waderai ka beta”) and Aftab Ali (from Bayghairat Brigade the singer of  “Aaloo Anday”) hosted the event and providing their audience worth of seeing them together.

The event started with some jokes  about Sindhi conduct and behavior cracked by both the celebrities. Nadeem Farooq Paracha then asked a question from Aftab,“When Meezan cooking oil can take someone as controversial as Dr Aamir Liaquat in their commercial, then why not someone like you?”  he replied, “Because I don’t have a smile like his,” leaving the audience in world of laughetr.

Both the songs (“waderai ka beta” and “Aaloo anday”) have challenged the Pakistani music on both TV and internet, the metal heads of Pakistan have provided something nothing short of awesomeness,  But among them “Waderai Ka Beta” was the one that really gave us the line of the decade which was ‘Saaen tau Saeen, Saeen ka kutta bhi Saaen’.

At the end of the summit the organiser Sabeen Mehmood went onto the stage along with Pir having some freestyle dancing as “Waderai Ka Beta” was played in the background.

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