Wapda by Akash [A LoadShedding Gift]


Music Video of Wapda by Akash

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]ApqUCOivFXw[/youtube]

If there is a Pakistani band who exhibits the concept of Freedom of Speech at its best then it is undeniably AKash. With the critical situation the country is facing due to the electricity, water and gas crisis, the band took advantage of it and came out with a clever song to brighten up the Pakistanis’ mood and saw the situation from a different angle.

As the band digs out the humor from the seriousness of the issues, it definitely succeeds in doing so – mentioning the lack of rest due to the coming and going of electricity, the shortage of water in the washrooms, the ever-growing waiting line in a petrol station etc. Unlike the hypocritical Pakistanis, the band expresses their frustration by the use of humor and light music.

The song, unlike previous music videos, is unique in the sense that it is not a typical Akash rock track. It is solely covered by slow, soft but meaningful lyrics with acoustic guitar playing at the back. Seeing how the band makes the situation funny while making sure to be reasonable while expressing their views on WAPDA, it is highly likely that the latter will laugh as well while giving it a look.

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