Video: Annie Khalid looks good performing with A1 Band at TV2’s Gullruten show


As we had updated you earlier that Annie Khalid performing with A1 Band at Norwegian Emmy Awards. We haven’t yet got any leads from that Awards show but luckily we have found a video (thanks to Ata Shaikh) of Annie Khalid and A1 Band performing their brand new single “Just 3 Words” at TV2’s Gullruten Show.

Annie Khalid, to whom many of us bash for no good reasons, looks (apparently for the first time) very good performing on an international platform. She was introduced in the show as being “Pakistani Artist” and then she was appeared on stage with “all-boys-band – A1” . The song “Just 3 Words” also felt like a good track and their performance was also quite energetic.

Do check it our yourself :


We believe Annie should look for her career more on international level as she has not been completely fit into Pakistani Music Scene. We will feel more proud when she continues to do collaborations with international musicians and perform on international shows.

Here is my “Just 3 Words” for Annie:

” Move On Baby! “

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