Wasu aur Mein Episode 7 on Geo TV (Watch Now)


Wasu aur Mein Episode 7

Here is the Episode  7 of Geo TV’s newest TV show, Wasu aur Mein. Shehzad Roy along with Wasu (the baloch guy) are now exploring the deprived areas of Balochistan and knowing about the actual grievances of Baloch people.

This episode of Wasu aur Mein invites you to think where the issue of Balochistan has reached. In this episode, Shehzad Roy visits different cities of Balochistan and atlast reach Quetta to meet the Chief Minister Aslam Raeesani. Before he could meet CM Raeesani, he plans a meeting with the student union of Balochistan University. In a meeting hall, the students invite Shehzad Roy to “their country” and reveal things which we don’t usually listen to. Do watch this episode to know the stance of Young Baloch students , who do not keep any sympathy with “Pakistan”.

Roy’s meeting with CM Raeesani also shows how we are ruling a place like Balochistan by placing an incompatible Ruler. This episode should be an eye-opener for not just Pakistani authorities but to all the concerned citizens of this country called Pakistan.

Lets watch now, what we have in Wasu aur Mein Episode 7


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