Bohemia to do rapping on Paisay Da Nasha in Coke Studio 5


Bohemia in Coke StudioBohemia, the World famous Punjabi Rapper, will be rapping on the song “Paisay Da Nasha” in Episode 1 of Coke Studio Season 5.

Bohemia, who is an artist and rapper of international fame, will be debuting in Coke Studio in its fifth version. Coke Studio has brought and introduced so many Pakistani musicians, but this time Bohemia’s inclusion in Coke Studio will take it to another level. The rapper has very cult following in countries like US, UK and even in our neighboring country,India.

Bohemia who was borne in Pakistan later moved to States in his early life. He is apparently the first ever Punjabi rapper and considered a pioneer in his profession. His performance in Coke Studio will not just help him target Pakistani audience, but will also help Coke Studio to show its stuff to international audience, specially to those residing in US and UK.

Talking about Coke Studio, Bohemia had to say, “with this sort of music mixture, basically i am getting an opportunity to tell you that what actually is Rap Music? It is poetry! its a message.”

Bohemia rapping Paisay Da Nasha

Watch out below Bohemia rapping on the song “Paisay Da Nasha” in Coke Studio


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