Impact of Internet Technologies on Pakistani Music


By Usman Nasir

The introduction of Internet and digital technology has revolutionized the way in which people enjoy and access different forms of entertainment. Amongst all other industries, it is the music industry which has been in the forefront of adapting itself to the demands of the new technology and benefiting from it.

Impact of internet on Pakistani music

For music fans, Internet is a magic gateway into a limitless universe of delights. YouTube and Facebook are two of the most popular and trend setting online networks. They changed the way user interacted with the content on internet. The music industry worldwide has been using these sites to explore new dimensions and easily access their fans. Pakistani music industry is one of the emerging entertainment industries of the world. The rich cultural heritage of the country contributes in its rich flavor of music.

The Internet and the other digital technologies have also provided new opportunities to the Pakistani music composers and artists to produce, promote and distribute their own music. Under the traditional music industry system, only a few number of artists and composers got the opportunity to produce their own records and they were largely dependent on the recording companies to produce, promote and distribute their music. The lowering cost of recording technologies and the system of online distribution and promotion of music has given new opportunities to the musicians to produce their own music without being dependent upon the big recording companies. The emergence of social networking sites like Face book, Twitter, Reverbnation and SoundCloud have further facilitated the interaction between the musicians and their fans and brought them much closer to each other.

Bilal Khan and QB in Coke Studio, Sketched by Ali AtherToday, the various advantages of Internet and other digital technologies have facilitated the recording of a large variety of traditional regional music and showcasing them to the listening audiences. The pop music industry of Pakistan is blooming with the internet tools. The best examples are Bilal Khan, QB and Coke Studio. Bilal Khan became a sensation via YouTube and within a year he was all over the internet. His successful adventure realized other musicians especially young ones to try their luck as well. QB came into scene via coke studio session and then her own videos with fusion music. Her latest hit and the most buzzed sound in the recent past from the serial ‘Humsafar’ is one of the most listened and loved song over the internet. Even it was a cover of the original one sung by Abida Parveen but original was nowhere near to it in terms of hits and likes. I like to say original track was given re-birth due to the cover.

The Coke Studio is the best example of the power internet posses. The sessions were freely distributed over internet and TV channels. But it was the access from the internet that our neighboring country, despite being one of the largest music industry, was compelled to start their  version by getting inspired.

As the usage and awareness of the internet is increasing in the country, so is its benefits to the music industry. The young talent is coming into the scene at a pace that was never seen before. The day music is released in Pakistan it is on the lips via the headphones in every corner of the country. In a very unpredictable environment of the country, Pakistani music industry is the only one with its impact and progress flowing towards sky.

About the Author:

Usman Nasir is a Web developer who designs and develops web applications. Music is the love of his life and Pakistani music is his focus.

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