Maya Khan Dating Show was planned and scripted with Professional Actors


reality TV shows are scriptedAs exposed by Maya Khan herself in Today’s Front Line show with Kamran Shahid, Maya Khan’s Morning TV Show was completely planned and scripted.

She said herself on Express News Show that her show was “planned” and the couples who were dating in Park were actually “Professional Actors”. Maya Khan also brought these actors with herself on Kamran Shahid show, to prove that the lives of those couples were NOT put into danger, as those were only the “actors” and not some one from general public. This has exposed again that most of the reality TV shows are always scripted no matter what the producers claim.

Here another question also raises (that was also raised by Kamran in the show) that Why didn’t Maya Khan give a disclaimer that the show is NOT LIVE and actually reenactment of actual events? By not showing the reenactment message , the former morning show host has done another blunder for which she will be answerable and accountable again.

What about other Reality TV Shows ?

The similar claim is also made by many TV Shows including by the most recent one Sur Kshetra.  The controversial auditions of the said show were recently taken , but the contestants had already been selected and sent to Dubai. Living on the edge, another reality TV show has its own fan following and opposition. It violates so many media ethics but still manage to get aired from the National Private television and sponsored through multinational comapanies.

Maya Khan’s shocking revealation has exposed all those so-called Reality TV champions who make the TV audiences fool. This is now high time, to take the issue seriously. Not just PEMRA, but also the Private Television channels need to take notice of these kind of shows, that airs ANYTHING just for the sake of TRPs.

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