Shiraz Uppal quits Music !


    One of the finest music producers of Pakistan, Shiraz Uppal, has suddenly and shockingly changed his way. Now, Shiraz Uppal quits Music!

    A few hours ago, Shiraz Uppal announced this shocking news on his facebook page. Before he could announce the actual news and said some farewell words to the fans, he posted his new picture, titled as “a new beginning”, that showed him completely bald.

    Shiraz Uppal Quits Music

    Soon after that Uppal updated his Facebook page with the message. He wrote:

    I would like to thank you all for liking and enjoying my music… It was a Beautiful journey but everything comes to an end one day… So I said Good Bye to my Musical Career by my own choice… I just wished and prayed to my creator that how can i make u happy??? And he poured a light in my heart that opened my eyes and the path was lying clear in front of me… May Allah guide us all to the right… Amin

    We haven’t yet figured out the actual reasons of quitting the music. May be, we won’t ever be able to as this is his personal choice and decision.But what we have observed is, this is not an instant decision. Uppal was in transition to change for quite some time. Analyzing his previous facebook statuses, one can understand that he was going towards spirituality and seeing many things from just Islamic point of view.

    With this new development, the decision of Junaid Jamshed and Ali Haider also come our way. Both had left the music completely, even JJ became an Aalim and started preaching with Tableeghi Jamaats. Similar was the situation with Ali Haider, who first left the music and then later joined again with Noha’s, Dhamaals and indeed Sufi Music.

    Its not been a while when we watched Junaid Jamshed again singing “Dil Dil Pakistan” and other Vital Signs songs with Salman Ahmed. The question that is popping into many minds is for how long Shiraz Uppal will remain away from music ? When preacher like Junaid Jamshed can’t get hold on his Nafs FOR-EVER , how would a newly transformed musician will keep control of him ?

    Anyhow, We wish Shiraz Uppal very best of luck for his new beggining and hope his acts will now inspire more people to keep a balance in their lives.

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