JAL’s Concert Got Cancelled in India due to Protests from BVS


The Pakistani pop-rock band, JAL’s concert Melange had to be cancelled due to immense protests from Bharatiya Vidyarthi Sena’s (BVS) activists led by Kiran Sali outside the college where it was to take place. The event was initially planned to be a five-day concert starting from Thursday to Sunday and consisted of both technical and non-technical programmes, but it all could not materialise. The cancellation was confirmed by the institute’s director, R. M. Jalnekar, and the refund will be given to the disappointed ticket-buyers.

Kiran expressed his hatred for Pakistan in these words:

“Pakistani sponsored terrorism has always been a bane for India. Also Pakistani compliance has been proved without a doubt even in the German Bakery bomb-blast. In this scenario, allowing a Pakistani band to perform in India almost amounts to subversion and hence, we had protested against it.”

For the nth time, BVS has shown that it cannot accept anyone within the Indian territory except its own nationals, and especially not the Pakistanis and the Muslims. Their whole biased viewpoint is well-known across the world and pictures India’s undemocratic state of affairs challenging its claim of being the biggest democracy in the world merely based on its population while the system lacks the practices and inclusion of all. When such factions as that of BVS are allowed to enter politics, they would never let any peaceful cultural exchange take place between Pakistan and India.

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