Ufone announces Uth Records 2.0 (Official Press Release)


[Pakistan, Tuesday 21st February 2012] In keeping with the brands’ consistent commitment to the youth of Pakistan, Ufone brings to the country another Season of their pioneering Uth Music Platform: Ufone Uth Records, version 2.0. Starting 25 February 2012, Ufone Uth Records 2.0 will air their first episode on their dedicated social media networks and across leading television channels, recapping the journey of Season One’s artists and bands: Jumbo Jutt, Yasir and Jawad with Wali, Usman Riaz, Natasha Ejaz, Ather Sani and RamLal.

Indeed Ufone Uth Records has come to be renowned as a music television show projecting new Pakistani talent, bringing artists out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

With version 2.0 of Ufone Uth Records, the team endeavours to further its impact by providing talented young musicians a bigger and better professional music platform for their original work irrespective of age, gender, language and background. Ufone Uth Records 2.0 is led by distinguished musician and producer Louis J Pinto, more popularly known as Gumby and has been directed by the acclaimed director Zeeshan Parwez.

Speaking about Ufone Uth Records Chief Marketing Officer Akbar Khan has said:

“This year, we are happy to bring back Ufone Uth Records following the heartening response to our debut season. We  launch Ufone Uth Records 2.0 with an episode looking back at moments from the first season, recapping our artists’ experience at our platform. This episode serves as a natural precursor to those six episodes to follow weekly, introducing a new artist a week. Furthermore, this year we have grown to introduce Uth Records LIVE with college concerts across Pakistan, an enhanced studio experience in a new studio space with a production team led by Louis J Pinto and a whole new line up of young talent and guest musicians. Ufone has always supported youth initiatives such as the live concert platform URock in 2006, the introduction of the Uth Package in 2010 and the Futsal 2010. Thus it is no surprise to our team that Ufone Uth Records itself is a concept that is based on the acknowledgment of our country having abundance of young musical talent, but due to a deficiency of opportunities, such talent usually receives little recognition or opportunity to break into the industry, thereby stifling the potential a new generation of music can bring.  The underlying vision behind Ufone Uth Records remains: to find talent through tapping into the music demos of aspiring musicians as sent in to the Ufone team through online submissions, post and by recording their demo live by calling in to Ufone Uth Records at 884; then select specific artists through the review of these demos by professional industry producers led by Gumby; to work closely with selected artists to arrange, compose and record their respective original compositions as guided by the producer, in a professional recording studio with some of Pakistan’s most gifted musicians. Each selected artist’s journey is recorded professionally and aired extensively – the intention of this platform is to provide an opportunity to lesser known artists to explore their creativity while also refining and projecting their work to a wider audience.”

Producer Ufone Uth Records, Louis J Pinto, aka Gumby remarked  “Ufone Uth Records represents a unique way for artists to get experience in a recording studio and get a helping professional hand  across multiple aspects of the business of music. For this season, I go solo with production as Omran Shafique is absent from Ufone Uth Records 2.0 – we are very fortunate to have had him to kick off our first ever season and appreciate the value he brought to the platform. Ufone Uth Records 2.0 represents an exciting avenue of growth for me as a producer and musician as it encompasses working with six diverse artists, six different genres, live shows, a new show direction and treatment and new sound!”

On the platform’s return and directional change, Zeeshan Parwez Director of Ufone Uth Records 2.0 said “I am really looking forward to the airing of Ufone Uth Records 2.0, we have aesthetically experimented this season, with a departure from the more candid approach we took with Ufone Uth Records Season One to a more documentary style treatment. All artist based episodes for 2.0 have been shot entirely in cinemascope and creatively there is a lot of focus on the selected artists and their journey. Personally speaking, as a platform, Ufone Uth Records is probably, if not only, amongst the few avenues in Pakistan that is properly promoting ‘Uth’ involvement in music on such levels – I hope everyone enjoys the episodes as much as my team and I did while filming them!.”

Ufone Uth Records 2.0 airs nationwide with its first celebratory episode recapping Season One, on February 25 2012, on all leading channels and social media networks. Following this episode, expect a new episode with a brand new artist weekly.

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