Afridi Becomes the UNODC Ambassador Creating Awareness against Drug Use and Crimes


Shahid Afridi becomes UNODC AmbassadorShahid Afridi is a hero for millions of fans in Pakistan and an ideal that many sports-lover look up to especially the young aspiring cricketers. He has recently signed an agreement with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to become the organisation’s ambassador for drug control at a ceremony held at Shalimar Cricket Ground in Islamabad.

He will be responsible to guide the UNODC on what areas to focus on and which parts needs more attention with the specific requirements of Pakistan. He will monitor the impact of UNODC’s work in the country and will spread awareness about dangers of drug usage and crimes that result out of it.

To attract more people toward this campaign, he will undertake many activities that also include youth cricket tournament, he will also celebrate the International Day Against Drug Users and warn against HIV/AIDS issues.

As Afridi has had his share of being mistreated, he has sworn never to become captain of the national cricket team again. He does not want to be a scapegoat anymore. He is interested in doing something for the youth of the country, which needs attention, care and opportunities and Afridi is there for them through creating public awareness with the help of UNODC.

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