Quratulain Balouch, Shajar Fakhar to give title song to “Rangeen” Feature Film


Quratulain Balouch Title Song for RangeenRising Singer and Female sensation of Pakistan, Quratulain Balouch (QB) , along with the musicians Shajar Fakhar will give the title song to an upcoming Urdu feature film titled as “Rangeen”.

QB’s soundtrack for epic drama serial Humsafar, is already making huge buzz all over. The said Humsafar soundtrack has brought Balouch into the limelight and has made her popular overnight. This new soundtrack (title song) for the feature film “Rangeen” may well take the film to another great level, provided it has some quality production and storyline.

Along with QB, there is talented young duo Shajar-Fakhar who, we assume, will be giving the music to the song. In recent few years, Shajar Fakhar have released some decent song numbers and music videos such as Chala Hun and Azma Lay.

Rangeen is a reality based dramatic film, directed by Shoaib Khan. The director claims that “Rangeen” is as green as its name sounds. It’s a mixture of emotions, humor, glamour and fun. The movie revolve around various characters inter connected to each other, which ends up in different humorous and emotional situation.

Unlike other Pakistani flicks, Rangeen does not contain a serious script rather it revolves around different aspects of life and is trying to cater to its audience with a variety of “entertainment”.

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