Adil Omar Now To Work with Meesha Shafi


Adil Omar is finding his way ahead in the Pakistani music industry after working with international musicians on different singles. He did this work for his studio album last year. For some reason the album has not been released yet. May be the right time for Adil has not yet signaled.

Now he is working in collaboration with Meesha Shafi for another single, Sugar Low. The song is being produced by KFied, Talal Qureshi and Mahmood Rahman. After the completion of this song the long awaited album is expected to be released any time this year.

The album will be called The Mushroom Cloud Effect. Adil is very happy with this collaboration with Meesha. He posted a picture of himself working with Meesha in the studio.

He said,

“This track I’m doing with Meesha Shafi is bananas.”

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