Ali Azmat Does Not Want to Reunite With Salman Ahmad


Ali Azmat is still dissatisfied with his former band-member Salman Ahmad. He says that he has nothing against the band itself, but he cannot tolerate Salman. Even though Salman wants to mend things to get together again as a band, but Ali would have none of it.

Ali Azmat said this regarding Salman:

“I resent Salman Ahmad; I can’t stand the man and can’t take his dramas. It’s a choice of personal liking. Salman has tried to contact me but I don’t see the point, I won’t be able to tolerate a lot of things. When you’re younger, you overlook a lot of things and you don’t know much, but I’m 41 now and at this stage in time I cannot play music like that.”

The founding member of Junoon was actually Salman himself. He formed the band in 1990 being the lead guitarist. The band has been one of the most popular singing groups in Pakistan. Since a couple of years, the band has disintegrated.

But Ali Azmat now thinks that the band could never be reunited. If they patch up then it will be great for Pakistani pop music. If Ali is adamant with his decision, let us hope that he proves his point right. Or else, it will be a big mistake.

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