Ten Sports Will Broadcast ICC Events from 2012-2015 in Pakistan


Recently, Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) granted Taj TV (Ten Sports) the sub-license rights for broadcasting exclusively the ICC cricket events from 2012-2015. Already Ten Sports is followed by a lot of sports fans in Pakistan, both for cricket as well as other sports.

It seems right that Ten Sports won the bid worth US$ 5 million. Most of the cable networks in Pakistan have the channel on their listings. Also other sports channels are mostly foreign which means that there is a high chance they are not broadcasted all across Pakistan. Hence Ten Sports was the right choice in this case.

Initially, there were shows broadcast in Hindi, which is understood in Pakistan, but now the programmes on the channel are mostly in English. With good commentators during a cricket match that continuously analyse the players involved and their predictions about the game with their knowledge and a statistician giving them all the past data to derive inferences upon makes the fun of watching cricket on television a unique experience.

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