Goli – An Undercover Agent [Short Film]


Join on: Goli [Short Film]

A short film named “GOLI” featuring Rap Engineers track off the album “Batain”, Eastlife Productions,


Giving chances and risking your position in a civilization increases your expectations from the ones you care about. This is what undercover agent Ibrahim did for his most wanted criminal friends who aren’t aware about his real identity. The story unfolds as doubt and trust stand opposite to each other, Barik, Afridi and Chabi go through a test.

Director: Xpolymer Dar
D.O.P/Post: Omer Bari
Music/Scores: Jonathan Jones
Eastlife Productions.
Ibrahim Kayani
Aamir Khan
Ismail Kayani
Sahreen Khan
Ishaque Badshah Khan
Ali Abass Zaidi
Adil Omar
Talal Qureshi

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