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Dear Visitors/Readers,

Its been a long time since I communicated with you guys here via this blog. Today, I want to take this opportunity to write something more personal and persuasive to you than ever.

Most of the time, you see here; music releases, industry news, media gossips, concert coverages and pictures galleries. But today as we are needed a small favor from you, this post is being written here.

best infotainment blog PakiumCIO and Google Pakistan are organizing the second annual blog awards competition, and we are contesting and nominated as “Best Infotainment Blog” in it. You are requested to please:

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Click on the 5th star to rate the blog as the best;
  3. and leave a genuine and favorable comment there in order to help us win this award

(If you share the link with your friends & ask them to vote as well, that would be a greatest favor) 🙂

The reason we are not contesting as a “music blog” is that we at Pakium, are now covering much more than just only music industry. For instance, you can find here NEWS, Articles and reviews, Films , gossips, Dramas and even TV shows categories over here on Pakium. We are now focusing more on Pakistani Celebrities, young talent and independant film-making in Pakistan. We also tried our best this year to promote and support the badly negated Lollywood industry.

Back in 2006, It was only my trust in Local Music Industry that we decided to promote the Underground musicians. Today, we believe Pakistani Music Industry is much stable, powerful and popular than it was a decade or few years ago. We now have multiple musicians without whom bollywood OSTs are not completed, or concert line-up of any major event is not finalized. We now believe that we have to move forward and support the other negated sections of our Pakistani Entertainment industry.

Having said that all, I hope you are still enjoying our updates, atleast that’s what our traffic stats and bandwith consumption graphs are showing us. If you have any great suggestions and tips for improvement for us, please feel free to drop us on admin [at] pakium (dot) com



Danish Mughal
Pakistani Ultimate Media

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