Suhaib Hasan – Bitya (Music Video)


Artist: Suhib Hasan

Song: Bitya

Author’s comment: Most heart touching song..

About Artist:

Suhaib Hasan is a musician from Karachi who got the spotlight at Pakistan Sangeet Icon – a music contest organized by and aired on Indus Television Network.

Suhaib melodies are composed by himself for which he takes his inspiration from the ‘blues’ of the west and the Classical raagas of the Indus Sub-continent. It is no wonder that his songs at times seem to carry an ‘operatic’ rhythm to the tunes of Eastern instruments.

Suhaib is yet to realize his true musical potential, and it is expected that with the release of his next song Tere Jaisa he will become a new music icon of the country

You can watch his video from below:


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