Shahvar Ali Khan song “Filmein Shilmein” taken as background score of Desi Boyz


Shahvaar Ali KhanWith the growing popularity and demand of Pakistani singers beyond the border, we are seeing most of our stars lending their voice for Bollywood. In the list, the new name is of Shahvaar Ali Khan, who is a talented singer and left a great impression with his first ever single release ‘No Saazish, No Jang‘ that was a peace anthem, released last year.

Reportedly, Shahvaar has composed, written and sung another track which has now been taken as the Background score of upcoming Bollywood Movie ‘Desi Boyz’ starring Akshay Kumar and John Abraham.

But wait! His story is not like all other artists of Pakistan. Making it more clear, Shahvaar Ali Khan is among one of the besties of Desi Boyz’s director ‘Rohit Dhawan’. Although, his featured track is not included in main tracks of Desi Boyz but its background movie score is contingent on one of Shahvaar’s song ‘Filmein Shilmein, Gaane Shaane’ the lyrics of which are like:

  • Filmein Shilmein Chalti Theen  /  Hum Gaane Shaane Gaate Thay
  • Woh Raatein Ab Kahan Gayeen  /   Jab Pal Bhar Mein So Jatay Thay
  • Fail Fool Ho Kar Hum  /  Maarein Shaarein Khate Thay
  • Jaib Bhi Khali Hoti Thi  /   Phir Kahan Se Himmat Laate Thay
  • Woh Raatein Ab Kahan Gayeen  /   Jab Pal Bhar Mein Sou Jaate Thay


Desi Boyz Akshay Johb AbrahamAbout his and Rohit Dhawan’s friendship, Shahvaar Ali Khan said, As friends, Rohit Dhawan and I are like the real Desi Boyz. He further elaborated their friendship by explaining the story of original movie Desi Boyz. For this he said, “The film is a story of friendship through thick n thin of two Desi friends abroad. Since our unconditional camaraderie, as part of a closely knit Desi gang at Trinity College, where even borders became meaningless, I think our entire Desi clan has shouldered each other across troubled waters on more than one occasion.”

This whole statement of Shahvaar clearly proves that he wasn’t looking for a chance which others mostly do, but to make his relation of friendship stronger he gave his song for this movie. He appreciated the work of other artists in the movie and highly predicted that this movie is going to be a big hit.

Shahvaar ali khan takes his song writing inspiration from Javed Akhter, Sahir, Prasoon Joshi and Shaleindra and for song composition, S.D Burman, O.P Nayar, Khurshid Anwar, Shankar Jaikishen, and Manna Dey are his great idols.

His part in the movie Desi Boyz is really encouraging and his upcoming Pakistani music video, “No Saazish, No Jang” is expected to be released soon. This song of Shahvaar can be considered as a revolutionary song and from teasers it seems that the song too is going to be a big hit.

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