Farhan Saeed – Khwahishon [Audio / Music Video Review]


THE BACKGROUND:Farhan Saeed Khwahishon Music Video

Recently, Farhan Saeed –– now the ex member of Jal the band –– parted his ways with Gohar Mumtaz and Shazi; in a bid to pursue a solo career and look onto his family business.

“Being solo now is like being the owner of my own business” is what Farhan had to say after leaving Jal. He also revealed us news about his upcoming song “Khwahishon” in which he would be freely using his creative ideas.


I guess we’ve heard/seen of Jal so much that whatever Gohar, Shazi, or Farhan play/do reminds us of Jal. And in “Khwahishon” –– Farhan’s first ever track after going solo –– I noted, thoroughly, that the song had THE Jal effect if you know what I’m talking about. But that doesn’t mean that the song wasn’t enjoyable. It was sort of a fresh-baked cake.

The composition of the music, which has been produced by Saad Sultan and mixed by Shiraz Uppal, is appealing. And lyrically, it’s fantabulous. The track starts off slowly and smoothly; with guitars playing on in the background and Farhan singing on in a lighter tone –– much like any other Pakistani pop-song. However, the pace of the song picks up afterward, giving it a whole new prospect. The fusion, as well as the conversion, of a slow track into a rocking number should be applauded for its neatness.

As far as the video of the song concerns, I found it pretty much baseless or without a meaning. It looks like just another run-of-the-mill video with no message coming out of it. The overall concept of the video ruins the song for me and I think that the director, Saqib Siddiqui, specially needed to think of something new. I’d also want to give him a tip or two; watch any one of Bilal Lashari’s video song (for example, Jal’s Sajni and MKB’s Chall Bulleya?). Just look at how creative that guy is and how much energy his video songs posses.

Above everything else, “Khwahishon” has got good composition and great vocals from Farhan Saeed. I would slightly recommend keeping a tab on him as he’s getting better and better as each day passes. He has got a sublime character in his voice and his music now is something to look after.


Audio: 7/10
Video: 6/10

Watch here: Farhan Saeed’s Solo Music Video Khwahishon

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